Definition: The event is emitted anytime a submission is created for an assignment with plagiarism settings turned on.

Trigger: Triggered when a submission is resubmitted.

Payload Example:

  "metadata": {
    "client_ip": "",
    "context_account_id": "21070000000000079",
    "context_id": "21070000000000565",
    "context_role": "TaEnrollment",
    "context_sis_source_id": "2017.100.101.101-1",
    "context_type": "Course",
    "event_name": "plagiarism_resubmit",
    "event_time": "2019-11-05T21:52:21.127Z",
    "hostname": "",
    "http_method": "POST",
    "producer": "canvas",
    "referrer": "",
    "request_id": "1dd9dc6f-2fb0-4c19-a6c5-7ee1bf3ed295",
    "root_account_id": "21070000000000001",
    "root_account_lti_guid": "",
    "root_account_uuid": "VicYj3cu5BIFpoZhDVU4DZumnlBrWi1grgJEzADs",
    "session_id": "ef686f8ed684abf78cbfa1f6a58112b5",
    "time_zone": "America/New_York",
    "url": "",
    "user_account_id": "21070000000000001",
    "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.103 Safari/537.36",
    "user_id": "21070000000000001",
    "user_login": "",
    "user_sis_id": "456-T45"
  "body": {
    "assignment_id": "21070000001234567",
    "attempt": 1,
    "body": "This is my submission to the assignment",
    "grade": "F",
    "graded_at": "2019-11-05T21:52:21.127Z",
    "group_id": "21070000000000099",
    "lti_assignment_id": "a1b2c3c4-z9x8-a1s2-q5w6-p9o8i7u6y5t6",
    "lti_user_id": "a1b2c3c4z9x8a1s2q5w6p9o8i7u6y5t6a2s3d4f5",
    "score": 99.5,
    "submission_id": "21070000000112233",
    "submission_type": "online_text_entry",
    "submitted_at": "2019-11-04T21:52:21.127Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-11-05T21:52:21.127Z",
    "url": null,
    "user_id": "21070000000098765",
    "workflow_state": "submitted"

Event Body Schema

Field Description
assignment_id The Canvas id of the assignment being submitted.
attempt This is the submission attempt number.
body The content of the submission, if it was submitted directly in a text field. NOTE: This field will be truncated to only include the first 8192 characters.
grade The grade for the submission, translated into the assignment grading scheme (so a letter grade, for example)
graded_at The timestamp when the assignment was graded.
group_id The submissions’s group ID if the assignment is a group assignment.
lti_assignment_id The LTI assignment guid of the submission's assignment
lti_user_id The LTI id of the user associated with the submission.
score The raw score.
submission_id The Canvas id of the new submission.
submission_type The type of submission (online_text_entry, online_url, online_upload, media_recording)
submitted_at The timestamp when the assignment was submitted.
updated_at The time at which this assignment was last modified in any way.
url The URL of the submission (for 'online_url' submissions).
user_id The Canvas id of the user associated with the submission.
workflow_state The state of the submission, such as 'submitted'