Assignment Extensions API

API for setting extensions on student assignment submissions. These cannot be set for discussion assignments or quizzes. For quizzes, use Quiz Extensions instead.

An AssignmentExtension object looks like:

  // The ID of the Assignment the extension belongs to.
  "assignment_id": 2,
  // The ID of the Student that needs the assignment extension.
  "user_id": 3,
  // Number of times the student is allowed to re-submit the assignment
  "extra_attempts": 2

Set extensions for student assignment submissions AssignmentExtensionsController#create

POST /api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments/:assignment_id/extensions

Scope: url:POST|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments/:assignment_id/extensions


  • 200 OK if the request was successful

  • 403 Forbidden if you are not allowed to extend assignments for this course

  • 400 Bad Request if any of the extensions are invalid

Request Parameters:

Parameter Type Description
assignment_extensions[][user_id] Required integer

The ID of the user we want to add assignment extensions for.

assignment_extensions[][extra_attempts] Required integer

Number of times the student is allowed to re-take the assignment over the limit.

Example Request:

  "assignment_extensions": [{
    "user_id": 3,
    "extra_attempts": 2
    "user_id": 2,
    "extra_attempts": 2

Example Response:

  "assignment_extensions": [AssignmentExtension]